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"IN THE WAR" New York Theatre Winterfest 2019

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Yuriko starring in "IN THE WAR" directed by Kotoba Dan at New York Theatre Festival Winterfest! 


Written and Directed by Kotoba Dan Music by Nabuko Kiryu  Starring: Shigeko Sara Suga* and Yuriko Miyake  Lighting: Takaaki Ando Graphic design: Yosuke Kaneko *member of AEA  

Brand-new play 'IN THE WAR' has been accepted into New York Theatre Festival Winterfest 2019 - Short play category out of a number of submissions!

Date: March 7th at 6:15PM 

           March 8st at 6:15PM 

           March 10th at 8:30PM   

Venue: Hudson Guild Theater 441 W 26th St, New York, NY   

Running Time: 15 minutes.  *This short play is part of a series of 6 short plays presented on the same night. Total running time of the night 90 minutes.   

About The Play: The story of an ordinary Japanese woman who survived WW2, based on true events from the lives of the playwrights grandparents. When 76 year-old Hisakos granddaughter asks her about her experience during the war, Hisako reminisces about her 20s, set to the beautiful music of her youth.  

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脚本・演出: 団こと葉

作曲・演奏: 霧生ナブ子

出演: 須賀成子、三宅由利子

日時: 2019年3月7日(木) 18:15

                    3月8日(金) 18:15

                    3月10日(日) 20:30

場所: Hudson Guild Theater | 441 W 26th St, New York,  NY 

上演時間: 15分




Past Events


[ CLEOPATRA Experience: Off-Broadway Show ]


We are very happy to announce that Yuriko is performing in a new type of Off-Broadway show: Cleopatra Experience at Chelsea Music Hall(407 W 15th Street, New York NY)!!

Our last show is December 29th, Saturday!

Get your tickets now!!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!!

Preview: October 23rd, 2018~

Open: November 7th ~ December 29th 2018

オフブロードウェイショー「クレオパトラ」に 出演!


会場はチェルシー・ミュージック・ホール(407 W 15th Street, New York NY)にて。






Dec. 30th, 2018 Uploaded


[Collaboration Performance!!]


Yuriko will be collaborating with Chigusa, a Samadhibowl player from Japan, has been playing the Japanese originated spiritual instruments, and Megumi, a Cymasonic artist based in CT/NY, has acquired the technique of Quantum Healing.

3 performers will deliver a world with Yin-Yang through their sound and body.

When their individual frequency merges into your world, wonder what would happen inside of you.

Let yourself feel this miracle space created with humans, moments, and the frequency.

Only thing you do here is just sit, relax, and enjoy what's in front of you.

【Le son intemporel ~La portance du son~】

DATE: Saturday, June 9th, 2018

TIME: 7pm Door opens, 7:30pm Show time!!

PLACE: Tenri Cultural Institute
                43 W 13th St., New York, NY 10011

TICKETS: $35 in advance ($40 walk-in)

We are looking forward to seeing you at the show!!







【Le son intemporel ~時のない音~】



場所:Tenri Cultural Institute
            43 W 13th St., New York, NY 10011



Apr. 12th, 2018 Uploaded

Photo by Earl Malden

[Performance in Brooklyn Museum!!]


We are extremely honored to announce that Yuriko will be performing a sword dance with Kaoru, a spiritual performer in David Bowie's film event at Brooklyn Museum on Wednesday, April 4th!! Tickets are already sold out!!
We'll be performing with David Bowie's band. Live music!!



Mar. 31st, 2018 Uploaded



 Yuriko Miyake  was born in Hiroshima, Japan. She started dancing at the age of nine, studying jazz, modern, contemporary, Hip-Hop and ballet. By the age of 14, she began classical vocal training and included musical performances to broaden her horizons and develop her artistic capacity. Yuriko performed with Professional Dance Center in Tokyo as an ensemble member at a national festival in Japan. She came to the United States to pursue her career in 2003. Ms.Miyake performed and toured with the Ensemble in Virginia, Maryland, New York City, and Toronto, Canada, as well as in Taipei and Kaohsiung, Taiwan. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate in Dance at Shenandoah Conservatory in Winchester, VA. Her own choreography adjudicated and selected by the dance faculty for performances in Shenandoah University. Yuriko moved to New York City and continued to work with Doug Elkins. In 2010, she directed, produced, choreographed, and performed her one man show, “The Puppet Train,” in NYC. She was also invited to perform “The Puppet Train” in Japan.  Yuriko was again invited to perform “The Puppet Train” in Japan. She made her debut in a major movie in Japan. Yuriko is the original cast in the world first stage adaptation of Hayao Miyazaki’s movie “Princess MONONOKE” by Whole Hog Theatre in London and Tokyo. She also narrates for commercials and films. Yuriko has started to appear feature films and short films. She played a second lead role in an si-fi action film, "ONIKA" directed by Corey Brammah. Also, Yuriko played a lead in "Ordinary Days" directed by Takashi Horie. As a performer, she enjoys sharing her love of the performing arts in any art forms with her audience. Yuriko has been pursuing her career in New York City.

三 宅 由 利 子 9歳で大竹ジャズダンス同好会にてジャズダンス・モダンダンスを習い始めて以来、数々の舞台をメインキャストとして踏み、12歳の時に広島国体で、地元小学校カラーガード隊のリーダーとしてパレードに出演。13歳でバレエを習い始め、声楽などのクラシックなヴォイストレーニングも始める。14歳でミュージカルスクールに通い始め、「アラジン」メインキャスト、「オズの魔法使い」かかし役、「ピーターパン」ピーターパン役などで主役を務め、絶賛を受け、15歳でヒップホップを始める。国民文化祭で広島代表ダンサーとして東京へ特待生に選ばれ短期上京し、プロフェッショナル・ダンス・センターにて、その一員として広島で舞台を踏む。更に深くダンスを勉強する為、アメリカのシェナンドア大学に留学。大学在学中は、ダンスツアーチームに選抜され、ニューヨーク州、メリーランド州、バージニア州、ペンシルバニア州、カナダ、台湾など、アメリカ国内外問わずツアーを行う。更に、フライング・ダンスカンパニーでプロフェッショナルダンサーとして活動も行い、バージニア州やミゾウリ州でツアーを行い、大成功を収める。更にアルゼンチンタンゴ、アフリカンダンス、カポエラなども始め、振り付けた作品全てにおいて、講師陣からの評価は高く、正式な舞台で公演される。アメリカで一番大きいとされるアメリカン・ダンス・フェスティバル参加し、世界中から集まった400人以上のダンサーの中からオーディションで選抜され、舞台を踏む。成績優秀生徒の称号と飛びぬけた表現力とテクニックを称えられた賞受賞と共に大学卒業。その後、ニューヨークに移住し、公演を重ねる。ソロアーティストとして単独公演をニューヨークはもちろんのこと、日本では、広島・福岡などで凱旋帰国公演も行う。同年、邦画「わっげんおっげん~女たちの都~」で銀幕デビュー。翌年、イギリス劇団ホール・ホグ・シアターによる、宮崎駿監督世界初舞台化許諾作品、英国版「Princess MONONOKE~もののけ姫~」ロンドン公演・日本公演に唯一の日本人キャストとして出演。自身のソロミュージカルの挿入歌で作詞作曲を手掛け、CDソロデビューを果たす。また、パリミキのCMの楽曲提供・ナレーションも手掛ける。ドキュメンタリー映画「8 DAYS TRIP」のナレーションも務める。堀江貴監督:短編「Ordinary Days ~普通の日々~」主演。コリー・ブラマー監督:アクション短編「ONIKA」出演。現在は、ニューヨークを中心に、ダンサー、シンガー、女優、振付家、脚本家、モデル、ナレーター、MCとして幅広く活躍中。「人生に涙と笑いは必要不可欠である」をモットーに作品を作り続けている。 



 Theater (U.S.)
       -  JOUEN (Lead) by Lee Douglass (Theater for the New City, NYC)

       -  IN THE WAR (Star) by Kotoba Dan (Hudson Guild Theater, NYC)

       -  The Puppet Train (Lead) by  Yuriko Miyake (Teatro La Tea, NYC)

       -  Cleopatra (Ensemble) by  Jenny Leon (Theater for the New City, NYC)

       -  The Gravity of Love (Ensemble) by Atsushi TOYA Tokuya (Aaron Davis Hall, NYC)

Theater (U.K., Japan)
-  Princess MONONOKE (Ensemble) by Whole Hog Theatre, directed by Alexandra Rutter (New Diorama Theatre, London, UK)

-  Princess MONONOKE (Ensemble) by Whole Hog Theatre, directed by Alexandra Rutter (Tokyo, Japan)

-  The Puppet Train (Lead) by YURIKO PROJECT, directed by Yuriko Miyake (Hiroshima & Fukuoka, Japan)

-  Peter Pan (Peter Pan) by New York Musical Theater, directed by Yoshinori Nitta (Hiroshima, Japan)

-  Wizard of Oz (Scarecrow) by New York Musical Theater, directed by Yoshinori Nitta (Hiroshima, Japan)

-  Aladdin (Principal) by New York Musical Theater, directed by Yoshinori Nitta (Hiroshima, Japan)

Film, TV & Web Series
-  Hutsu no Hibi (Lead) --- Drama, Takashi Horie

-  ONIKA (Star) --- Si-fi Action short film, Corey Brammah

-  Forgotten Kingdom: Genesis (Supporting) --- Si-fi web series, Jamal Blair

-  Onnatachi no Miyako (Supporting) --- Comedy, Akira Inori

-  Ambition's Dept (Featured) --- Drama, Devin E. Haqq

-  8 DAYS TRIP (Narration) --- Documentary, Yoshinori Osawa

National Network TV Commercial (Japan)
-  Paris Miki --- Narration & Music Composition (2014-2016)

Music Video
-  Selena Gomez, Love You Like A Love Song


Dance Performance
-  Florein Maria (Principal) by Doug Elkins (Joe’s Pub, PUBLIC THEATER, NYC)

-  Soulbleed (Guest) by Seiki Yukimoto (Williamsburg Music Center, Brooklyn)

-  National Athletic Festival (Guest) by Hiroshima prefecture (Hiroshima, Japan)

-  Dontaku Festival (Guest) by Fukuoka prefecture (Fukuoka, Japan)

-  15 Years Anniversary Dance Concert (Guest) by Otake Jazz Dance Club(Hiroshima, Japan)

Vocal Performance
 - Steinway Hall (NYC), soloist, collaboration with Gohei Nishikawa

 - Carnegie Hall (NYC), soloist, collaboration with Yasuhiko YAZ Fukuoka

 - Yuriko Miyake Special Dinner Show (Japan)

Lyrics/Music Composition
-  Precious Wonders (English & Japanese)
-  Into Flame (English & Japanese)
-  Carry Me Home (English & Japanese)

CD release
        -  The Puppet Train Original Musical Songs, Arranged & Mixed by Hiro Iida

-  On A Night Like This(Pops) --- Contemporary
-  Bokura no Natsu no Yume(Pops) --- Contemporary
-  Hoshi wo Wataru Tori(Vocaloid) --- Contemporary Jazz/Hip-Hop
-  Inochi no Kioku(Pops) --- Japanese Traditional Dance / Contemporary
-  Tadaima(Pops) --- Contemporary
-  Guren no Yumiya(Anime) --- Jazz Funk
-  Jiyuu no Tsubasa(Anime) --- Modern Jazz

-  KITAYA CORPORATION "KANSANSUI" (Japanese Sake) Poster Model
-  Japanese Magazine "FRAU" in November 2009, Featured New York Model
-  Quantize New York Fashion Show Model

Professional Training Acting:
British Acting Technique by Ruth Kulerman
Meisner Technique by Rochelle Oliver
Technique by Michael Beckett

Advanced – Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz-Funk
Intermediate – Ballet, Hip-Hop, Japanese Traditional Dance, Argentina Tango, African, Capoeira, Belly Dance

Musical Theater/Broadway by Badiene Magaziner
Pops/R&B by TOYA
Alexander Technique by YOCO
Opera/Classic Technique by Makiko Muramoto

Stage Combat:
Japanese Sward Fight, Free Arm, Fan, Stick

- Shenandoah University
        B.F.A in Dance
        Outstanding Performance in Dance Award
        Dean’s List for all 4 years

Height: 5 ft. 1in.
Dress size: US 2
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown

Special Skills
Japanese Tea Ceremony(National license, Japan), Japanese Archery, Running(sprinter), Swimming, Yoga, Volleyball, Table Tennis

Reading, Sewing, Painting, Anime, Manga, Cosplay



[Sneak-Peek of Performance on YouTube!]

 2018年6月にCo-Sonos さんとさせて頂いたコラボ公演のダイジェスト版映像がYouTubeに! 

サイマティクス原理とオリキュロセラピーから生まれた 周波数サイマ・ソニックを専門とするMegumiさん。 バリ島のシャーマンによる不思議な予言から生まれた 日本生まれの楽器・三昧琴(ざんまいきん)を奏するChigusaさん。 のお二方で構成されるCo-Sonos さん。 

彼女達は普段、ヒーリングセッションとヨガセッションなどで演奏されていて、 身体内(内臓器官)を含め、 全てのチャクラなどのバランスを整えてしまう振動(音)のアーティスト。 

そこで、聴いてるだけでも癒されちゃう音楽と一緒に 観ても楽しめるダンスや言葉を通して、一つの物語を紡ぎ出したら、 楽しそうじゃない?!というわけで実現させてみました♪ ショートバージョンを皆様におすそ分けです♬


It was such an honor to collaborate with Chigusa Fukushima, a Samadhibowl player from Japan, has been playing the Japanese originated spiritual instruments, and Megumi Yamada, a Cymasonic artist based in CT/NY, has acquired the technique of Quantum Healing. We created a world with Yin-Yang through the sound and the body. A world that let yourself feel this miracle space created with humans, moments, and the frequency. A World that purified and balanced your energy circulation!! A world where you could simply enjoy what's in front of you!! Of course, it was challenging to present and create an exciting and special moments with dance and sound in quantum levels. It was definitely a new world you got to experience in the city!! SO MUCH FUN!!! Thank you very much for supporting me, everyone!!!!  

脚本・演出・出演:Yuriko Miyake  


   <Chigusa Fukusima+Megumi Yamada>   

撮影・編集:Takashi Horie  


会場:Tenri Cultural Institute

   43 W 13th St, New York, New York 10011 


[Official Instagram!!]


Now, Yuriko has an official instagram page!! 

Follow her and find out exciting news and coming up performances! Click HERE for the link!! 




My Words


As A Performer ~表現する者として~

Perform like water that can transform into any natural form when needs.

Perform like a chameleon that can transform into any color when needs.




As A Creator ~創造する者として~

Create what I want when I want how I want with who I want. With respect and dignity with a little bit of playfulness.



As A Human ~人間として~

Face whatever right in front of me.

Face whoever right  in front of me.




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